Darkroom Printing Workshop
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Darkroom Printing Workshop

Our introduction to darkroom printing workshop is designed for those who have never printed in the darkroom or for those who want to re-learn or brush up on skills that have been long forgotten.

What to expect:

  • You’ll learn all in the ins and outs of the darkroom and how to create a beautiful print.

  • Printing in the darkroom is a very rewarding process but it also takes some patience and time, we will be here to guide you through this.

What you’ll get:

  • You will learn the art of printing by hand with a professional photographer,

  • Throughout the the course, you will be taught what to look for and how to pick a good negative

  • Learn how to make a contact sheet

  • Learn how to make test strips

  • Print your own final print

What to bring:

  • A roll of processed b&w negatives

Who is it for:

  • Everyone, but we would ideally like participants to have an understanding of film


  • 3 hours

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