Our workshops, in the heart of Byron Bay, offer a personal approach to learning the art of film photography.


Film photography and B&W processing

Express B&W procesessing

Darkroom printing


What people are saying…

“Cheers for an epic workshop on Saturday,  it was a morning well spent. Reconfirming basic skillls to washing and processing my own film was incredibly fulfilling. Dan’s knowledge of film and light helped me think about new ways to approach shooting,  while never forgetting to have fun and experiment with my passion. The studio is the new Byron mecca for film and it’s a welcoming space to know is always there for advice and guidance, especially on knowing what camera might be right for you or what film to use when etc”. @byronmichael

“Thanks again for running the workshop, I was super stoked to have been apart of it. Your teaching was very clearly communicated, I felt like I was easily able to understand the different points you were trying to get across. I also felt like I walked away with a more intentional mindset toward shooting. It was also helpful because it confirmed skills I already had without fully knowing I had them. Thanks so much for your time to teach me, I throughly enjoyed the day.” @caiitlin.wells